Monday, 31 December 2007

Sunset New Year's Eve. Pentland Hills.

Last picture of 2007. Doesn't look too bad even though it was raining! While standing there, great masses of seagulls swept overhead at speed with a whoosh of their combined wing beats. There must have been 1000's roosting on the water. They were followed by masses of talkative geese! If you want to know what conditions were like nearby exactly one year ago here is the link: It was stormy, not like the tranquil scene you see here!

Auchencorth Moss, Midlothian

Dawn over the moor

Auchencorth Moss, Midlothian

Dawn light

Auchencorth Moss, Midlothian

Cold side of the moor at dawn New Year's Eve

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Finally... at Cockenzie Power Station

3.48 pm and the sun sets over Prestonpans. Wandering over for another day!

From Cockenzie Power Station

Hmm... intrigued as to what was going on behind the power station... tootled round to find this...!

Cockenzie Harbour

Which way to turn... a wandering photographer's dilemma... great storm over North Berwick or sun setting over great power station... went for the romantic option!

Storm over North Berwick

Almost forgetting to look the other way from the setting sun... but glad I did... there seemed to be a terrific storm going on over there!

Port Seton

Came to a brick wall...

Port Seton

Tracks through the cobbles

Port Seton

Not much daylight now...

Cockenzie Power Station

Hmmm, this is getting interesting, great clouds

Cockenzie Harbour

An old tractor lies abandoned outside the boat sheds

Cockenzie Harbour

Boat detail

Cockenzie Harbour

Freshly painted boat waiting to be snapped

Cockenzie Power Station

Yesterday was grey, wet and generally poor for wandering photographers. This morning was very overcast... at 2pm ah... a chink of light! Grab camera, battery and card and off we went! With only 1.5 hours of the new found daylight left we ended up at my favourite power station! Great sky too!

Friday, 28 December 2007

Holiday experiment with Metz CT1


Experiment with Metz CT1

Yep, apples... Hmmm.... I'll polish them next time!

The last, to brighten up the day

From summer!

Another to brighten the day!

From the summer

To bright up a grey day!

It has been overcast and wet today... so I nicked these from summer to brighten up the day!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Highland Cattle

Big Softie!

Highland Cattle... big softies

Curious of the photographer!

Highland Cattle Bull

This fearsome beast has photographers for breakfast! He is probably a big softie... but I didn't hang around to find out!

Thrush in the garden

Monday, 24 December 2007

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

No visitors today - just deserted... must be away Christmas shopping!

Queens Gallery, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

Guardian of the gallery

Doors, the Queens Gallery, Holyrood Palace

A grand entrance!

St. Margaret's Loch, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

The fleet coming into port for refuelling (feeding)!

Old sandstone building, Edinburgh

Is this where they got the idea for the Flat Iron? Maybe!

Bison, Ronald Rae sculpture, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

Carved in relief in Corrennie pink granite this work was inspired by cave art. Visit Ronald Rae's site

Lion of Scotland by Ronald Rae in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

This is a great lion, a huge piece of sculpture in a very hard granite. It is 8x17x7 ft and weighs 20.00 tons.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Fields near Howgate, Midlothian

The frosty scenes of yesterday are now gone but it was still cold

Before sunrise, Auchencorth Moss, Midlothian

A very cold and frosty morning

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Broughton, Scottish Borders

A view after the last sunset before the Winter Solstice -frozen countryside near Broughton

Standing stone at twilight, from Dreva Hillfort, Scottish Borders

The valley remained frozen all day