Sunday, 30 March 2008

Penicuik Estate

Suddenly it started to look ominous. A cold wind got up and rain was in the air, at this point the wandering photographer beat a hasty retreat before the deluge!

Penicuik Estate

Penicuik Estate

Penicuik Estate

Still a bit of low sun

Penicuik Estate

I think we are in for a storm!

Clouds developing over Penicuik Estate

Magic tree in Penicuik Estate

Penicuik House

When the much grander building burnt down, this stable block became the family home.

Penicuik Estate

Interesting clouds developing

Tower, Penicuik Estate

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Saltburn Pier

Saltburn Pier

A study in symmetry, well, almost! The pier on a very grey day!

Saltburn Pier

Just to continue with the fishing theme!

South Gare, Redcar

A great breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. As a youngster, the wandering photographer spent a lot of time fishing off the end here!

View of the ore unloaders from South Gare

Paddy's Hole, South Gare, Redcar

Looking across the Tees estuary to giant unloaders

Cooling, steel works Redcar

A magnificent sight!

Inside the steel works, Redcar

A 'torpedo' coming out of the furnace. The glow of the hot molten iron can be seen on the top

Walking the dogs

Steel works, Redcar. Having been brought up surrounded by heavy industries the wandering photographer is at home with such wonderful industryscapes. and what a location... right on the beach!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Transporter Bridge crossing the River Tees

This one is at a more extreme angle... and still raining!

Transporter Bridge crossing the River Tees

Came out quite well despite it raining - maybe the rain added a bit of 'atmosphere'!


Big wave coming in

Rough seas at Hartlepool... in England

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Cap Law, Pentland Hills

The clouds gathered and after this the snow started. The wandering photographer beat a hasty retreat off the hill.

South Black Hill and Scald Law in the distance

Cap Law, Pentland Hills

Straight into the sun

Cap Law, Pentland Hills

More of the windswept trees. Definitely a harsh environment for trees and wandering photographers!

Cap Law, Pentland Hills

Guess which way the wind blows up here. Ok, so its not a sparkling sunny day but it has its own windswept charm!

Cap Law, Pentland Hills

A stand of very ancient, gnarled and windblown trees, many are uprooted but still clinging on to life. West Kip in the distance.

The Font Stone, Pentland Hills

Looks nice but there was a strong and very cold wind! Scald Law and Soth Black Hill in the distance.


Ploughed furrows, the sunny side has lost its snow!

Ninemileburn, Pentland Hills

As the weather was so good the wandering photograher decided to walk up to the top of the Pentlands. Struggling up the hill, the weather started to close in a bit. Must get up earlier tomorrow!

Auchencorth Moss

A bright Sunday morning

Auchencorth Moss

Sunday snow! Not a lot, but enough to transform the view. An yes, the wandering photographer has a battery today!